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[EXPIRED] WoWGasm Promotion!
[Image: logo.png]

Step back in time and join us this weekend for a special event here at WoWgasm!

To celebrate the two-month anniversary of our launch and the release of some new and interesting "blizzlike" content, we invite you to join us the weekend of the 14th of July for some exclusive benefits!

Enjoy our extended rates;
  • Experience - We raise our max experience rate from x7 to x10, of course, you can still choose anything in between if you wish!
  • Reputation - Enjoy farming off your faction of choices reputation with a little more ease as we raise the rates from x1 to x3!
  • Drop Chance & Item Reference - Not only when you kill those bosses will they drop more loot, there's a good chance it could be EPIC!
  • Skills - Become a master in your profession or weapon skills faster with the rates raised from x1 to x3 for professions and x5 for character skills!
  • Gold - Makes the world go round and is apparently time! Not anymore! Spend less time gathering that gold and keep them Goblins happy! WAIT! WRONG EXPANSION! Rates raised from x2 to x5!
  • Daily events - We'd love to share our love with you! There will be multiple events every day!

This also marks the day of our first round of "blizzlike" end game content being added to the server, keep an eye out on our Discord and forums for more information on upcoming events and content!

Expect all this to start from 00:00(CET - Server time) Friday 14th of July until 00:00(CET - Server time) Monday 17th of July.

So, please come join us this weekend to take advantage of the event and solidify your name in WoWgasm history, there may be hidden treats!

Happy gaming!
WoWgasm Staff
Wooooooooooooohoooooooo! First! Nice post dude, well written!
i cant register wtf pls fix web

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