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[INFO] WoWGasm Character Transfer
[Image: ct.png]
Transfer to WoWGasm Reloaded!

We are finally launching a character transfer system! 
New joining players will be able to transfer their character from another server to WoWGasm. 

Need something to convince your friends to join us? 

Here is what we offer!
  • Level 80
  • 2000 gold
  • A flying mount + riding skill
  • Free training of spells and weaponskills
  • Basic gear to get you started
  • 50 GASM Points (You can spend GASM Points at the WoWGasm shop)

  • Originating server must be Blizzlike or high-rate 
  • Character must be at minimum level 80 for high-rate and 60 for blizzlike. 
  • Characters from retail are accepted. The character cannot be a trial character.
  • One transfer per account.

Start your transfer [HERE]

Additional information:
Transfers will be manually approved or denied. Please be patient, we will progress your transfer as soon as possible and keep you up to date.

After submitting a transfer, you can follow the status
Only you and the staff will be able to see this.

Q: Hey I just started on the server and found out about the character transfer system. Can I still apply?
A: Go ahead! We will verify the time you played with us. If it's within our accepted limits we will approve your transfer.

Q: Where can I follow the status of my transfer? 
A: You can follow the status of your transfer here

Q: What happens after I submitted a transfer form?
A: The head GM or one of the admins will check out your transfer request as soon as possible and approve or deny it based on the information providen.

Q: What happens after my transfer has been approved? 
A: You will receive a "template" character on your account. The template character will have the same faction and class of your original character. You will get a free rename and race change!

Q: Can I transfer my items / professions / achievements / titles or other character progress?
A: No, you will get a pre-made character with everything listed in post 1.

Q: I have a question that is not covered here. Where can I ask this?
A: Visit our discord! Our game masters will be happy to answer all your questions!

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