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[INFO] HOWTO: Properly vote!
This mini tutorial is going to show you how to properly vote and always get the max out rewards.
If you are voting from your computer, make sure you have signed in eatleast once in-game to get 3 out of 3 rewards.

Step 1. 
Go to and sign in with your in-game account. After being signed in click VOTE in the menu.

Step 2.
Click one of the Vote Now! buttons and complete the vote. After completing the vote refresh the page to verify if you received the reward. if you see a green  next to the voting website, you know it worked! Continue with the remaining Vote Now! buttons and repeat the proces. 

Voting from an external location such as work or mobile phone network
  • [WORKS] Xtremetop100 
  • [WORKS] Top G 
  • [N/A] Top100Arena
Voting from your computer after signing in atleast once in-game
  • [WORKS] Xtremetop100 
  • [WORKS] Top G 
  • [WORKS] Top100Arena

When using your mobile phone you are able to vote multiple times by disabling WiFi and enabling/disabling airplane mode after voting.

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