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Noobs Inc
Noobs Inc is recruiting players of any level!
We provide a guildbank full great items to help you with leveling and in the future raid.

Feel free to ask one of the members to join!!
This post is mainly aimed at our guild members but folks outside are welcome to join aswell.

Greetings fellow Azorethians! 
We are now able to make a second core raid group next to our A team. We've grown alot as a guild the last couple of weeks which is fantastic! And everyone wants to raid and get that juicy loot, right? Well unfortunately not everyone can tag along on every raid since this server got personal progression for raids(You need to do the raids in order: Naxx > Ulduar > Trial of the Crusader > Icecrown Citadel). So to get atleast 10 new players prepared for ICC we are going to make a second core raid group. This group will be starting from scratch and progress from Naxx to ICC in the following weeks to come. We are going to raid every weekend and we might schedule raids during the week aswell. Since there is alot of raids to do! Or if we fail one weekend with clearing ulduar we will keep going at it the week after untill it is cleared. There is no surrender button or white flags here. We go hard at it untill it's cleared.

Right now I've talked to a couple of people just to see if we have people interested in a second core raid group. And we do! We got 6-8 people keen on joining this group. The spots for the group are being taken quickly but I want everyone to have a fair chance to join in on this so I am posting here and waiting for replies before I decide who comes along and who doesn't.

Requirements to join:
Gear: 3k gearscore. It should be easy to get if you farm rep at the right factions and/or if you craft some epic gear for yourself.
Skill level: Skill level is what I mean by playing your class and how to behave in raids with your class. 
Brain level: Brain level is your attitude and how well you listen to instructions. If you don't know tactics for a certain boss and we explain it to you loud and clear but you still somehow manage to fuck it up you're brain dead. Ofcourse RNG plays a part in this, mistakes happens. But always try your best!
Activity: If you are not very active as a member of the guild or on the server you will most likely be removed from the raid group and another player will take your spot. Ain't got time for them slackers around these parts! Taking a leave from raiding is perfectly fine as long as you give us a notice(Especially if you're a healer or tank!).

So if you think you got what it takes to take on the motherfucking arthas on his cold ass throne, please do apply under this post!

Application format - Copy paste what is under this red text!
*marked are optionals.

*Favorite snacks:

You can contact me ingame on Hyperstate and answer the questions above and I will fill you in. 

We will hopefully start 24th nov with our raids. So you got untill then to gear up and prepare yourself for a crazy journey across Northrend.

Raid times will be 18:00-23:00 server time on the weekends.

Thank you so much for taking your time reading and applying to this post. 
Hope to hear from you soon! 
[Image: tumblr_nbdzwpnZdR1sozv4xo1_500.gif]
I'm Aien, what else do you need to know bby Wink
Nice post !

GL on that second group !

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