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Attunement Changes
Hello dear Community,

I am a fairly new player, having started like 2-3 weeks ago on this server. While I enjoy and appreciate most aspects and ideas this server comes with, I also encountered a few bigger issues - at least in my opinion.

For most new player the game experience at level 80 is unsatisfying. Now why is that?

With the current amount of players its already hard enough to form rdfs, especially if outside of the guild 'Divine'. Now a lot of whats going on, in the server seems to either stand or fall by 'Divine'. On one hand I cant complain that much, as I got attuned from nothing to Icecrown Citadel in around 2 weeks, but on the other hand I see many people giving up before they have even seen Ulduar. 

Depending on when a new player joins the server, (s)hes either lucky and gets directly into a Naxx (run by Divine) or unlucky and needs to wait till the reset has come with 'Divine' doing Naxx again. So in the worst case scenario you can end up with being locked out of content for 6-7 days. Thats a long time, a time most new people might not be ready to wait for. Now that being said, Naxx can be run by pretty much anyone in any gear in any setup, but Ulduar poses a huge 'time gate' for most normal groups tho.

Now as a member of said guild myself I think I can say that the veterans in this guild are keeping up some insane workload and that seems just unfair. Basicly they need to put all their ressources, help and patience into new players (which might leave the following day), to help the server grow. As a guild, that still needs two days for an ICC10 clear and aspires to go for 10hc, the 'services' and time required from the individual raiders are, in my humble opinion, exorbitant. To integrate newer players, raiding Naxx, Ulduar, ToC and ToGC are needed, to keep the older raiders happy, running ICC and ICC heroic are needed. Thats simply too many raiding days for a casual guild.

Now what do I propose?

I propose to lower the amount of raids needed to progress into the later raids and open up ToC/ICC dungeons earlier on, to enable an easier entry into the server and to lessen the weekly 'chore' some players have to fulfill by raiding all kinds of raids with close to zero personal benefit. These dont need to be gifted away, that would remove the idea of progression. I might not offer the perfect solution but I suggest this to be something that is thought over.

Option 1: Attunement goes like: Naxx/Ulduar -> ToC/ToGC -> ICC
Option 2: Attunement goes like: Naxx/OS -> EoE/Ulduar -> ToC/ToGC -> ICC
Option 3: Attunement goes like: Naxx/(OS) -> Ulduar/ToC -> (ToC/ToGC ->) ICC
'/' displaying alternatives and '()' optional attunements.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Another proposal I would like you to think about is account-shared attunement. That would also award those players that bother lvling with x7 rates instead of using the Starter-Code on 46426468 accounts and help raiding guilds with adjusting their roaster.
I could not agree more!
Hey Enye! Thanks for the suggestion, we always appreciate it when our community is open and transparent with us on what’s going on within the playerbase so we can improve and make this server the best it can be. That being said, we’ve discussed this suggestion in depth internally, and I’d like to address some of the points in your suggestion, and let you know what we’re all thinking. To start, we’re not going to change the progression scheme at this moment.

As you said at the start of your suggestion, the issue is low population, and at the moment we don’t believe that changing up the progression would aid that issue. Of the options you gave, we believe that eliminating the requirement to do Naxx or Ulduar for example would severely hinder players chances of getting gear and would increase the workload on the veterans since the players attuned to ToC etc would be wearing Item level 200 epics or below.

As I (and you) said previously the issues are due to low population, this is kind of out of our control at the moment, it’s just how the emulation scene gets whenever a new expansion is released. It also doesn’t help us that this one was well received (for once lol). No amount of tinkering with the progression system will counteract that fact. In the future once the Bfa ‘boom’ wears out we’ll be putting funds towards advertising and will be promoting this server more which will hopefully bring in more players.

With regards to your edit about account based progression, this isn’t something we’re looking to implement at the moment for the same reasons we said no earlier. We’d like to avoid having players joining an ICC 10 run wearing Item level 200 epics or below for example

It’s been said earlier in the post but we really do appreciate your suggestion, and if someone else has any other ideas then we are happy to listen to and discuss them!

Thanks for playing!

*Credit to Ghost for making this post sound friendlier, because apparently I come across naturally as condescending ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hello Emser,

first of all, thanks for the reply and your invitation to a discussion. I highly appreciate it. Now while you might say that the current attunement system for the raids isnt holding off new players, I would say its not helping with getting new players in this shape either. Right now you are expecting a core group of 5-10 people to uphold those dreams of the current progression scheme. Thats quite frustrating as it means re-running raids over and over for individual new players. 

You say having one or two undergeared people in raid would increase the whole workload of the raiding team - I would highly disagree to this. It would be much easier to get the people to where you need them (e.g. ICC) by boosting them through midtier dungeons like ToC. 

Now, is boosting a bad thing? Yeah, it doesnt go perfectly with the idea of your attunement system - but lets be honest, shall we? Having seven raiders, with ICC gear, carry one person in Naxxramas cant be the idealistic implementation of said system either. The difference between both approaches is, that, as of now, this core group needs to boost a new player through Naxx, Ulduar, ToC and ToGC. Four raids till you got them where you need them. Simplifying the attunement system for raids also means enabling earlier access to FoS-HoR and ToC, giving people the chance not having to raid ICC in ilvl 200 or less. Skipping Ulduar also means not having to give new people a sightseeing tour on how buggy that raid still is. Not meaning this last statement as offense, I am just saying that its not the best way of advertising this server.

This is an enormous investment of time and effort on the side of our guild and requires a huge amount of patience on the other side. Even if a new player gets to do two of those progression raids in one week (which is already super unlikely), that guy or girl is forced to do nothing for 5 more days of the lockout. I quite frankly speak in the name of the guild if I say that we rather boost one person through ToC once or twice than having to run the old raids over and over, week for week - because skipping or slacking on that means loosing people. Currently, integrating new players simple feels like extra work on a free evening thats not always paying off.

If you want the veteran players here to stay loyal and build a base for when the 'BfA boom' is over, then I think you need to give them an aim, a perspective. This cannot be re-gressing to older raids but must be something looking forward, like progressing in ICC. This is not really happening at the moment because we dont have the time to raid seven days a week.

Now while I rest assured that the expertise over the emulator scene most definitely rests in your hands, I'd like to make a few points to it anyway - simply 'cuz I can Big Grin 
Yes, I agree, the launch of BfA has been a huge success but the drop in subscribers since then has been very noticable as well. I for myself have left retail 2-3 weeks ago and ended up here. Now dont get me wrong, my idea is not to argue if BfA is a huge reason or not, or wether other new wotlk pservers out there are doing well or not, my point is that we still have a steady influx of newcomers on a daily basis. I want and my guild wants to make those people stay. The thought I am putting forward is simply thats its easier to keep a band of players together if they focus around one thing (e.g. ICC), rather than having people stuck across all the gates of the attunement system, with everyone wanting everything but not getting anything.

Just as the sorrow of being condescending worried one of your friends in the staff, I want to stress the following: this post or thread is not meant as an attack on any of you guys or on the philosophy of this server but I am trying to convey the mood and the opinion which is prevailing in our guild Divine, the only active raiding guild on the server after all. This is what we - from a player perspective - see as an issue for the server and - more selfish - for our raids.

Thanks a lot for making it through this massive wall of un-proofread text. Me and my guildmates are looking forward to your reply.
Got quite late yesterday, so I didnt finish giving a proposal to an adapted attunement system. I mean I want to stress again that I dont want you guys to abolish the idea of attunement, just make it more accessible. If I wanted non-attunement servers, then I'd have half a dozen of opportunities (with geared characters on half of them) and go there. What I want is to integrate people into the community quicker and that doesnt work if they have to obidiently log each night, hoping to get their attunements done within 2-4 weeks and being locked out of social interacting (which keeps the people here), because they cannot join in with the veteran player base.

Now heres my proposal:

[Image: unknown.png]
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I approved of the idea more challenging is to keep the population interested and having an easier attunement would be a great start.

Hey all!

Thanks for chiming in and letting us know how you’re feeling about the server!

After talking with the team about it we will not be taking any action at the moment to adjust the progression system but we will be looking into implementing an account based progression system in the future when it makes sense, no concrete details on it right now but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop when that does happen


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