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[INFO] New PVP System. All you need to know about it!
Hey everyone.

For quite some time we have been discussing and planning a PvP system that would fit with our current progressive server vision. While we'd normally start PvP seasons in a blizzlike manner, it wouldn't work in a similar way to our current PvE progression. Thus we decided to implement a PvP system similar to the old, classic PvP system.

The system we ended up implementing uses Honorable Kills (HK), where you unlocked vendors depending on what rank you have earned. Your rank will instantly update depending on your amount of HKs, and you will be awarded a title to show your progression!

Here's how it's going to work for now:

1 HK = Scout/Private --- Unlocks Savage Gladiator armor/weapons
25 HK = Grunt/Corporal 
50 HK = Sergeant/Sergeant --- Unlocks Hateful Gladiator armor/weapons/offset
100 HK = Senior Sergeant/Master Sergeant 
200 HK  = First Sergeant/Sergeant Major
400 HK = Stone Guard/Knight  ---  Unlocks Deadly Gladiator armor/weapons/offset
600 HK = Blood Guard/Knight-Lieutenant 
800 HK = Legionnaire/Knight-Captain 
1000 HK = Centurion/Knight-Champion  --- Unlocks Furious Gladiator armor/weapons/offset
1500 HK = Champion/Lieutenant Commander  
2000 HK = Lieutenant General/Commander 
2500 HK = General/Marshal --- Unlocks Relentless Gladiator armor/weapons/offset
3250 HK = Warlord/Field Marshal  
5000 HK = High Warlord/Grand Marshal  --- Unlocks Wrathful Gladiator armor/weapons/offset

The new PvP vendors will be available in the Dalaran Sewer. Look for a teleporter near the old PvP vendor hut, simply walk onto it, and it will take you to the new vendor area!

We tried to make the system as fair as possible for both newer and older players on the server. And since some of the older players have PvP gear bought with emblems, we've decided to keep the PvP sets obtainable through emblems as well.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to ask us on discord or on the forum and we'll try our best to respond.

We hope you like it, and wish you a lot of fun!

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