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Welcome to WoWGasm!
Date: 2017-06-19 17:38:39

Join the WoWGasm Team!

WoWGasm is looking for active and dedicated players to join our staff! If you have interest in joining the team as a Game Master, Event Coordinator or Developer, simply fill out the application at the URL below.

General responsibilities of a Game Master include;

*Address in-game issues via tickets

*Moderate the discord chat room, in-game chat and forum

*Build rapport with players

*Identify ways to help improve the player experience and escalate those findings to administration

Please note that incomplete applications will be discarded.

Fill out your application here.


Date: 2017-07-18 15:06:58

WoWGasm promotion

Step back in time and join us this weekend for a special event here at WoWgasm!

To celebrate the two-month anniversary of our launch and the release of some new and interesting "blizzlike" content, we invite you to join us the weekend of the 14th of July for some exclusive benefits!


Visit our Forum for more info!

Date: 2017-07-11 04:32:52

Vote for extra rewards!



In order to show you all how much we appreciate the voting we are going to up the reward
for each milestone we reach on Xtremetop100!

Below points will be given at the end of the month depending on the rank we reach:

  • RANK 80:
      You will receive 10 extra WoWGasm Points.
  • RANK 70:
      You Will receive 15 extra WoWGasm Points.
  • RANK 60:
      You Will receive 20 extra WoWGasm Points.
  • RANK 50:
      You Will receive 25 extra WoWGasm Points.
  • RANK 40:
      You Will receive 35 extra WoWGasm points.
  • RANK 30:
      You Will receive 50 extra WoWGasm points.
  • RANK 25:
      You Will receive 60 extra WoWGasm points.
  • RANK 15:
      You Will receive 75 extra WoWGasm points.
  • RANK 10:
    You Will receive 100 extra WoWGasm Points

So simple as it is, the lower we get in ranking, the higher the rewards will be at the end of the month!
So don't forget to vote at work, at home, at school.. at family.. or even with your phone!

The WoWGasm Reloaded Staff

Date: 2017-06-01 04:45:20

Holiday Event!

May 26th thru May 28th, starting at 12pm EDT

Join us this holiday weekend for a special bonus event! Starting on May 26th and ending May 29th, enjoy the following bonuses:

XP Rates increased from 7x to 10x
Professions skill up rates from 1x to 2x
Gold Rates increased from 2x to 4x
Earn 6 voting points for every vote instead of 5
In-Game buffs will provide stat bonuses to your characters primary and secondary stats

Nothing is required on your part to benefit from these bonuses! All XP rates will automatically be scaled up and in-game buffs will be applied to your character at login!

Don't forget to vote for WoWGasm Reloaded and earn points that can be spent on in-game rewards such as mounts, tabards and titles!

Date: 2017-05-25 19:03:28

Welcome Back!
As you all know WoWGasm has been gone for quite a long time. There was always that feeling of emptiness.
Rebel-Gaming did quite a good job of filling up this gap. But eventually all good things come to an end.
With the feedback from many old players we decided to give it another try! This time named WoWgasm Reloaded.
Read below for more information!

In order to show you how much we value you as (ex) players we are handing out a litte promotion kit for the first 100 players
that join the server!

Make sure you redeem your code at one of the reward NPC's located in every starter area and capital cities.

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